Warehousing and distribution

We offer a wide range of products from complex fully automatic systems to single functions. 

Complete distribution systems


HS News Systems deliver both fully automatic and semi automatic systems for transporting, picking, labelling, sealing and palletise boxes or packages. Our systems also perform quality control, and makes sure the picking process is optimal, efficient and flawless.

Order picking with portable devices


HS News Systems has made a solution for picking products using portable devices. This system include applications for several different devices; for example a portable scanner with information displays, computer tablets or smart phones.

This solution can be represented as an independent process, be combined with other order-picking systems, or integrated in different processes.

Order picking using shelves with displays


HS EPK is an order picking based on display signals (lights) in combination with shelves which offers a high degree of operational flexibility. High reliability is ensured by small industrial network computers, scanners, flat screens for man-machine communication and printers for delivery notes.

The extreme scalability and high adaptability to existing equipment for logistics is a particular advantage. 



Optimal, accurate and reliable systems can transport cardboard boxes of different sizes, carriers or pallets, and be easily integrated with existing equipment. 

Processing products

Collecting, sorting and counting different products


Our HSP system is a fully automated detection and sorting system for different kinds of products. It can be used with barcode and image recognition to identify and detect objects. The data files are saved to ensure superb quality through high recognition rate.

Detected objects are automatically sorted in sorting outlets, and the number of outlets is optional which means the system will be adapted to any requirements. The system consists of a detection module, an intelligent sorter and an offline recognition system with neuronal (self-learning) technology.

The result is higher efficiency, reduced need for manpower and superior quality compared to a manual counting and sorting process. 



Palletiser conformed to the gantry principle has movement in two axis powered by strong and presice Festo motor-axis pairs. It is a good alternative to more expensive and complex 3-axis solutions if simple stacking of totes is the desired task.

The palletiser is integrated with the logistical system that separates pallets by customer and/or transportation routes.

Some totes in specific patterns allow for reverse palletising (de-palletising) with a similar robot using the same mechanics as above.



In succession with a lid-opener, this machine will pick up boxes from a conveyor and dump its content in a semi-controlled manner. In this example it's used to feed magazines into a return system while keeping track of customer data found in the box barcode.



Fully automatic de-stacking unit that separates stacks of tote boxes in a fast and efficient way. 
With its simple design and new PLC-code, the de-stacker can also be configured to perform the opposite: building stacks of tote boxes.
The gripping mechanism can be tailored for different boxes/totes depending on customer needs, and it can work as an add-on for other machines in our lineup. 

Offers low maintenance and a small form factor.