Product Management



Palletiser conformed to the gantry principle has movement in two axis powered by strong and precise Festo motor-axis pairs. It is a good alternative to more expensive and complex 3-axis solutions if simple stacking of totes is the desired task.

Our palletiser is integrated with the logistical system that separate pallets by customer and/or transportation routes.

Some totes in specific patterns allow for reverse palletising (de-palletising) with a similar robot using the same mechanics as above.



In succession with a lid-opener, this machine will pick up boxes from a conveyor and dump its content in a semi-controlled manner. In this example its used to feed magazines into a return system while keeping track of customer data found in the box barcode.

Quality Control


By using sensors, camera solutions and weight scales, our system gain 100 percent control of all the packages and products, and makes sure the operation runs flawless. These systems also collect data for analysis, documentation and control.

Applying and removing labels


We have developed machines to both apply and remove labels in an effective and reliable matter.

Sealing remover


The sealing remover use simple but effective methods to remove sealing from boxes, and then opens the lid stright away. 

Content note dispenser


The content note dispenser is a quick and accurate machine to attach content notes, packing slips or other documentation to a package.



Fully automatic de-stacking unit that separates stacks of tote boxes in a fast and efficient way. 
With its simple design and new PLC-code, the de-stacker can also be configured to perform the opposite: building stacks of tote boxes.

The gripping mechanism can be tailored for different boxes/totes depending on customer needs, and it can work as an add-on for other machines in our lineup. 

Offers low maintenance and a small form factor.



Optimal, accurate and reliable systems that can transport cardboard boxes of different sizes, carriers or pallets, and be easily integrated with existing equipment. 

Complete distribution systems


HS News Systems deliver both fully automatic and semi automatic systems for transporting, picking, labelling, sealing and palletise boxes or packages. Our systems also perform quality control, and makes sure the picking process is optimal, efficient and flawless.